Virus Removal for Wilmington NC by the Experts at PC Medics On Call

We have a 97.8% removal success rate with no customers reinfected in 7 years!

At PC Medics On Call we specialize in professional virus and malware removal using the highest industry grade disinfection tools and cleaning methods.

We’ve removed thousands of computer viruses over the years and we know all too well that computer infections come in all shapes and sizes and no two computer viruses are the same. If you’re infected, our professionals have your solution!

PC Medics On Call Professional
Virus Removal Services

Here at PC Medics On Call our lead engineer has spent the better part of the last 10 years perfecting our virus removal process.

Viruses and Malware don’t stand a chance with us here’s why..

1st – We perform an in-depth 2 part virus cleaning process that will completely rid your computer of any current viruses, malware, Trojans or root-kit infections.

Note:  Prior to us cleaning your PC, we first shoot a Full System Image to make sure that your Data is 100% Safeguarded no matter what!

2nd – Once your computer is clean, we begin to go to work on Windows checking for any corruption issues and problematic programs that need to be removed.

3rd – After all Windows corruption issues from the virus infection have been properly addressed, we then begin to clean and optimize your systems registry.

4th – We then perform a thorough security audit on your entire system making sure that all possible security exploit areas of Windows & other Applications are completely locked down, up to date and fully secure to prevent future infections.

5th –  The proper Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware is now installed and properly configured to ensure that you never have to go through this ever again!

Average Results In Virus Removal are Not Acceptable! – We Provide Exceptional!

When your computer is fully clean, all possible security vulnerabilities have been properly addressed and the proper anti-virus and anti-malware protection has been installed and configured correctly, and everything is functioning properly, then and only then, are we satisfied with the job we give you.

Note:  In 7 years time, we have never had a customer call us up saying that their machine has been re-infected since we  worked on their system!

If you have any questions about our Virus Removal Service just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 910-200-0150