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As a way of Celebrating the 4th Of July and Our Independence, we will be extending our sincere gratitude, and appreciation to all of the brave men and women who have proudly served our country in order to ensure that our democracy and the original vision of our Founding Fathers is preserved.

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  • Internet Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Virus Removal for Windows Computers
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  • Fix Windows Errors and Blue Screen Problems
  • NEW Computer Setup and Installation
  • Printer and Fax Machine Setup and Repair

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Why the Windows Operating System Fails and Why You are to Blame? Wed, 12 Feb 2014 14:05:23 +0000

overwhelmed-computer-userOver time, Windows can often become a tangled mess. In “marketing” theory, Windows is supposed to be simple.

Fire up Windows, connect to the outside world, and now just kick back, relax and start enjoying all of the amenities that the digital age has to offer, right? Wrong.

It would certainly be nice if the above scenario was true all of the time but, in the real world, it’s not quite that simple.

The real truth of the matter is that, just like your car, your PC requires routine regular maintenance in order to run properly.

Are You Setting Yourself and Windows Up for Failure by Making These Mistakes?

Has Windows been trying to tell you something? Occasional Blue screen errors, start-up problems, system lock ups and programs that constantly freeze, are all indications that there’s an underlying issue in Windows that needs to be addressed before more extensive and costly damage is done to your operating system.

By neglecting your computer and choosing to ignore any of the above scenarios that I just mentioned, you are actually setting yourself up for failure and headed towards a very costly repair bill somewhere down the road!

Did you know that, just about 80% of all people that come to us with serious computer problems that end up with a $200.00 + repair bill could have easily avoided this outcome by doing some preventive maintenance along the way?

Performing Routine Maintenance On Your Computer Saves You… Time, Money and Helps You to Avoid a Lot of Unnecessary Aggravation!

Ultimately, when it comes to your PC, you have one of two choices that you can make in regards to having routine regular maintenance performed on your system:

A: You can be proactive and educate yourself on your computer and perform the work yourself.

Or, if that’s not your cup of tea then you can..

B: Have a qualified technician perform Hardware Diagnostics and do a Tune Up and Optimization on your system at least once a year for you or, as needed.

In any event, by going in either direction with this (either A: or B:) instead of ignoring your problems, you will effectively save yourself a lot of heartache and financial upset by being proactively involved with your computer instead of choosing to turn a blind eye to what’s going wrong with your PC.

I’m pretty sure that just like me, you would rather have a planned $70.00 outlay instead of having to deal with an unplanned $200-$300 financial burden on your hands?

Sadly enough, most people will dismiss all of this just as quickly as the’ve read it! – I think that I would be doing a complete disservice to all of you, by not pointing out what you really stand to lose by not heeding the advice or listening to the logic I am trying to impart to you through this blog post.

I make a very lucrative income because, people choose to remain ignorant about their computers. If my goal here was to help myself then, it would be in my best interest not to say anything.  Please keep this in mind!

So with that said, in order for you to understand and fully appreciate what you stand to gain from all of this, I first need to point out what you ultimately stand to lose first. Make sense?

What is The True Cost of Waiting too Long to Get Your Computer Repaired?

When you ignore your computer problems for 6-12 months and it get’s to the point that Windows will no longer boot up nor does it function correctly anymore, there is a pretty good chance (dependent upon the circumstances) that you may have done extensive damage to the Windows registry and you may end up having to re-install the Windows Operating System as a direct result of neglecting your system for so long.

For all intensive purposes, let’s just say you’re one of these people.

Analyzing the Damage of Your Neglect and Putting Things Into Perspective for You

Now that it’s been determined that your O.S has had it, your data will now need to retrieved from your hard drive and the Windows Operating System will now need to be reinstalled.

Notice: Due to the power outage on 2/12/2014 this article was not able to be completed!  Our power has finally been restored in Wilmington, NC on Sunday at 11:40AM and I will be getting this article finished up over the next day or two. I apologize for any delays.


Announcement: We had to Change Web Hosting Providers Today! Wed, 04 Dec 2013 01:59:41 +0000

Hostgator sold out to evil corporate americaFor those of you that have tried visiting the PC Medics On Call website today, you have probably noticed that the site has been up and down all day long.

Regretfully, after 4 years of  being happily hosted on HostGator GREEN web hosting we have decided that it’s time to cut the umbilical cord and move on.

Due to the recent acquisition of HostGator back in June of this year by EIG “Endurance International Group” the quality and reliability of HostGator as your web hosting provider these days is questionable at best!

HostGator Sold Out to Evil Corporate America and I can No Longer Recommend them as a Web Hosting Provider!

It saddens me to say this as I have always admired the way that HostGator kept stellar customer service and support at the forefront of their business model in addition to having lightning fast and trouble free servers.

However, since the recent acquisition by EIG tech support and the speed of their servers have suffered drastically and what used to take 4-5 minutes to get response from tech support either by phone or live chat now takes anywhere from 35-50 minutes before you even get a  reply from tech support…WOW!…seriously HostGator…WTF?

The tech support response time and added latency to the servers were not my biggest concern though!

The Biggest and Most Troubling Concerns for Me in This Matter

Over the past 4 months HostGator has been migrating all accounts from their established and stable Soft Layer Data Centers in Dallas, TX over to their new Provo Utah location which has proven to have been a disastrous choice!

On the HostGator Support Forums, there have been numerous problems with peoples sites going down for 2-3 days in a row as well as continuing problems due to their recent non-standard disk partitioning practices which are effectively overloading the distribution nodes causing a constant ongoing plethora of problems for Hundreds of Thousands of online businesses and tons and tons of local business owners.

Realistically, the numbers of affected websites are probably in the Millions but I’m trying to be semi kind as HostGator was good to me for 4 years!

Canned Responses from HostGator… Really?

Many people on the forums report that HostGator has not been replying to their support inquiries for as much as 48 – 72hrs before they actually get a response back from tech and more often than not, people are getting duped with a “canned response” instituted by wonderful EIG who bought out HostGator.

Needless to Say… I Saw the Writing on the Wall and Knew it was Time to Step!

As the chief site architect and lead developer of PC Medics On Call my goal at this point was clear, to acquire a Ultra Fast Web Hosting Provider that has a stellar track record with server up-time and one that was geared more towards developers that had the correct infrastructure in place to fully accommodate my needs.

Enter Site 5 Web Hosting Built for Designers and Developers

 PC Medics On Call Website Migration to Site 5 Web Hosting is now complete!PC Medics On Call is proud to announce that our website is now running on the Site 5 Web Hosting Infrastructure!

My choice to go with Site 5 was based on a couple of reasons but primarily it is because they are gauged towards developers but, also because they hire seasoned web developers for their support staff, How awesome is that?

While Site 5 may not the cheapest hosting solution out there, the primary focus of everything that I have ever done in my life has always revolved around the quality of service and not quantity.

The Reasons why I Chose Site 5

  • Proven track record of stellar customer service and support
  • Proven track record of 99.97% Server Up Time
  • Complex Data Center Infrastructure (U.S.A and Other Countries)
  • Being able to choose what location your Websites Data Center is hosted on (Great for Speed and S.E.O)
  • Tech Support provided from skilled and seasoned Web Developers…YAY!!
  • Custom Backstage Admin Panel (For Web Developers)
  • FAST response times for all support inquiries

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why Site 5 is a great choice for your web hosting provider. My only regret is that they Do Not offer GREEN Wind Turbine Powered Servers such as HostGator does.

That makes me sad because I have always been very environmentally conscious and have always tried to leave the smallest possible Eco foot print with everything I do.

However, Site 5 is still  a GREEN company,  they claim that they plant a tree for every new hosting account that is opened with them in order to offset their carbon foot print on the environment. Hopefully, they are true to their word!

Thank you for your patience while this was going on!


How to Avoid Having Costly Virus Removal Done Mon, 26 Aug 2013 14:09:20 +0000

I should have listened to my computer guy at PC Medics On CallI have Anti-Virus Software installed so I’m protected from Virus Infections right? – Wrong…guess again!

Unfortunately, most end-users are under the misconception that, just because they have an Anti-Virus program installed on their computer, that their PC is now magically shielded from the unscrupulous wrong doers and the various perils of the internet. This just isn’t true!

I cant tell you how many times in the past that I have had customers say to me, how did my computer end up becoming infected? I have anti-virus protection installed this shouldn’t have happened!

There are a number of reasons how this could have happened but, in the end, it basically boils down to the end user failing to do some very basic and simple things along the way that could have prevented this.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Anti-Virus Software Alone, does Not Protect You from Computer Viruses or Malware Infections and Drive by Malicious Code Injection!

The real truth of the matter is that, there is no magic software solution out there that can cure ignorance and pure laziness! – The only true way that you can prevent virus and malware infections and avoid costly virus removal from being performed on your computer is by being an“Educated and Proactive” computer user!

Now I know what I just said may seem a little harsh but, unfortunately, it’s 100% true! – Just consider this a friendly little Zen whack to get your brain back on track in attempts to get you to be proactive with your PC.

How To Prevent Computer Virus Infections By the Pro’s at PC Medics On Call

Whenever you become infected with a virus or malware chances are that, unless it was a ZERO Day attack, the malicious code was injected into your machine by exploiting a vulnerability within the Windows O.S or another program that is installed on your computer.

This is why it’s so absolutely critical and imperative that you keep the Windows Operating System, Internet Security Software and all other programs current and up to date! Follow these helpful suggestions to help keep your PC safe.

Prevent virus infections by keeping Windows up to dateWindows Updates: – make sure that your desktop computer or laptop is set to download and install Windows Updates Automatically! – You absolutely must make sure that Windows and all Microsoft related products are always current and up to date at all times!

Many times, Malicious Code will exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the Windows O.S and other Microsoft related products such as Word or Outlook in order to gain access and take control of your computer.


Make sure that JAVA is always up to dateJava Updates: – Always make sure that you have the most recent version of Java installed on your computer! – The Java Platform is another favorite among the developers of viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits and other malicious code developers which is frequently used to exploit and circumvent end-users PC’s.

Not only is it important to keep Java updated for the security concerns that I just pointed out but, Java is also a very necessary and critical component that we all need which permits us to see and freely interact with pretty much just about everything that we experience on the Internet.

Keep ADOBE Flash and Reader current to prevent malicious code injectionADOBE Updates: – product from Adobe are another common exploit target among malicious code developers, hackers and cyber criminals.

One of the most prevalent and frequent used applications for viruses and malware infections to breach your computer is by the probing and exploiting weaknesses in both ADOBE Reader and ADOBE Flash Player.

You should always make sure that you have the latest version of both Adobe Reader and especially Adobe Flash installed on your PC and make sure that when you install them that you check the box to let ADOBE update the programs automatically.


make sure that you always have the latest virus definitions installedInternet Security Software Updates: – regardless of what anti-virus or internet security software that you may use, it’s absolutely critical that you always have the latest virus definitions and and most recent updates installed for your security software at all times.

Run a Full Virus Scan: it is equally important that you the end-user, always stays proactive with the security on your PC! Here at PC Medics OnCall we advise our customers that they should at a minimum, perform at least one Full Virus Scan per week. However, if you think something is amiss, run another virus scan.

We hope that our advice has helped you and that it will effectively prevent you from needing professional virus removal or computer services in the future.

How to Improve Windows Boot Up Time On Your Aging Computer Sat, 24 Aug 2013 15:45:40 +0000

speed up windows boot up and shut down timesMy PC takes forever to start up! – Is there anything I can do to make Windows boot faster?

If you’ve had your computer or laptop for a while now you have probably noticed that it’s not quite as fast as it used to be and it’s now starting to show it’s age. What used to take a matter of seconds for Windows to boot up, now seems like it takes FOREVER for you to reach the windows desktop.

  • HELP!

Debunking Facts From Fiction: Why Your Computer Has Become Slow and Why In Most Cases, You Don’t Need to Rush Out and Buy a New PC

It’s unfortunate but, most people are under the misconception that just because they have owned their PC for a couple of years and because their computer has gotten really slow, many seem to think that it’s time to go out and buy a new one because they think that the hardware in their PC has become degraded & worn down. Is this true?

The Truth of the Matter: – When your computer slows down to a crawl, there are usually reasons why this is happening and believe it or not, just about 9 times out of 10 it has to do with the Windows Operating System and the lack of regular maintenance and upkeep not being performed by the End-User and it’s not the actual computer itself!

Increase Your PC’s Performance & Speed Up Windows Boot Time with these Helpful Tips:

PC Medics On Call computer repair can speed up your aging PC1. Run Your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software: Viruses, Malware and Spyware can wreak all sorts of havoc on the Windows Operating System and cause your PC to perform very slow and sluggish and in most instances, they will also impact the amount of time it takes Windows to start up.

Usually, when a computer is acting wonky and starts slowing down, there’s a very good chance that you have a virus or multiple malware infections on your PC. – Virus and spyware infections will always hijack windows system resources and re-allocate them for their own malicious intent!

2. Remove Unwanted and Unused Junk Programs: Over time, all end-users tend to accumulate a wide variety of unwanted and unused programs that have been installed in their system. If you’re Not using it, get rid of it!

3. Limit Programs that Start Up with Windows: Pretty much any time that you install a program, whether it be iTunes, ADOBE Reader, or even your HP Printer Software, the program will always instruct windows to permit the application to start when your computer first boots up. This creates a situation where over time, you will have a gazillion programs that are all starting when you first power on your PC which effectively kills your PC’s boot up time!

Using “MSCONFIG” to Limit Start-up Applications:

You can limit Start Up Programs by using the Windows “msconfig” feature and you can access this by a couple of different ways. If you are running Windows XP, go to start and use the ‘Run’ feature and type in MSCONFIG and hit enter.

If you are Using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 then just use the “Search” Feature and type MSCONFIG and hit enter! Regardless of what version of Windows you are using, once the MSCONFIG window opens up you will see a tab at the top that says “Startup” click on that and you will see everything that starts when windows first loads.

You will need to take caution when using this feature because you could inadvertently prevent a startup process such as a system driver for your computer that is needed for windows to function or start correctly! If you don’t know what it is and what your deselecting then it’s best just not to tamper with it! However, things such as Adobe Reader, iTunes, Java, Quicktime and other secondary programs can be safely deselected without concern.

4. How Full is Your Hard Drive? – Did you know that when any Hard Drive reaches 30% capacity it starts to tank the performance of windows? Most people don’t know this but, a hard drive is the slowest component in any PC and it always has been.

If your drive is almost full, this would explain a lot about why your PC’s is not performing the way that it should be. Invest in an external hard drive and transfer data files that take up a lot of space such as pictures, movies and music files to the external drive and you’ll be surprised just how much faster your computer will work.

5. Consider Increasing Your Systems Memory: If you are running Windows XP or your Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine that has limited memory, you might want to think about increasing your systems RAM for better performance. Over the past couple of years, hardware costs have come down drastically and you can easily obtain 4GB of Memory for about $80.00 – $100.00 in most instances.

If its still seams like your computer is running really slow after following these suggestions, there may be some more complex issues with the Windows O.S going on that need to be troubleshooted. Just contact PC Medics On Call and we’ll help get you all sorted out. 910-200-0150

“2” Important Tips to Protect Your Privacy and Online Identity Wed, 07 Aug 2013 17:33:00 +0000

Who's watching you onlineIn the ever changing landscape we call the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to keep our personal lives and the way we interact with others online private and away from the ever constant and preying eyes of companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo who are tracking every move that we make.

Ask yourself; are you really comfortable with the fact that as an individual, your innate right to personal privacy is being violated to such an overwhelming extent all in the name of convenience?

How Is it That The Search Engines Know More About Your Habits Than Your Mom or Dad?

If you ask the Major Search Companies like GOOGLE, Bing and Yahoo this question, they claim that this is done in efforts to serve individuals up with personalized data based on their specific browsing habits because it’s what people really want. The question at this point is, at what cost is this being done at?

Considering the recent chain of events in the news lately with the FBI and NSA demanding that Internet Companies turn over the Master SSL Encryption Keys which would effectively permit them to freely access all consumer data that is being passed over the internet at any given time, one really has to question if there is not a more sinister and dubious intent going on behind the scenes?

How to Protect Your Online Identity From Hackers, Thieves and You Know Who!

Although it’s almost technically impossible to truly protect yourself from the Hansel and Gretel Breadcrumb effect when Surfing the NET, there are definitely some things that you can do to achieve Anonymity while using your computer online and it won’t even cost you anything to do this!

I am going to discuss a couple of ways that can help you to lock down and secure your digital world from the constant onslaught of preying eyes when surfing the internet.

Surfing The Internet: most people don’t realize that when they surf the internet they are identified by a unique external IP Address that is assigned to them by their Internet Service Provider.

So basically what this means is that, whenever you visit a website a server log is generated and the server catalogs a concise record of your interaction on the website such as…your unique IP Address, the time you were on the site, what pages you visited on the website, your Geo Targeted Location, how long you were there, etc, etc.

In Your Quest for Instant Gratification, Ask Yourself This…Have You Become an Enabler?

Google is tracking every move you makeAs I had mentioned above, whenever we visit websites across the NET we are basically leaving our digital signatures everywhere we go and in short, we are creating a trail of virtual Breadcrumbs that leads directly back to us.

It’s unfortunate that most people don’t understand the true dynamics of the web and what is actually going on behind the scenes because if they did, I am sure that most people would not be very comfortable with the fact of just how much of their personal lives and private data is actually being freely exposed to the world at any given time whenever they decide to visit a website or do a search on GOOGLE, Bing, Yahoo or ASK.

Regretfully, most people these days will take a passive and submissive attitude with all of this and completely dismiss this by saying .. I’m not doing anything wrong and I don’t have anything to hide so who cares? Really?

They say that Ignorance is Bliss but, I say that Ignorance is just ignorance and you are only a victim if you choose to become one and this is no exception!

Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn. – Benjamin Franklin

2” Ways to Reduce Your Digital Footprint, Keep You Safe From Hackers and Prying Eyes, All While Enabling You to Reclaim Your Personal Privacy and Independence Online

Before I get going just let me say that not everything going on behind the scenes is working against you. My point is this basically, although there are many times when we want or need the luxury of personalized search results based on our Geo Targeted Location and personalized information we shouldn’t have to sacrifice all of our personal privacy at any given time to afford this luxury. The good news about this situation is that we don’t have to!

If your like me, you should value your personal privacy and the privacy of others. We all need to realize that “we do” have the ability to control the amount of personal data tracking that is being performed on us at any give time it’s simply a matter of knowing what to do and when to do it!

Negotiating this situation will basically come down to a simple balancing act by using the correct tools at the correct times. Here’s the good part.. these Tools are all FREE, very stable and have been actively developed for many years.

1. Encrypt Your Keyboard Key Strokes Using KeyScrambler Anti-Keylogger

Encrypt your keyboard stroaks by using Key Scrambler Anti-KeyloggerMost people take this for granted and don’t even realize this but.. every time that we type a website URL in our web browser or perform a search on the internet, or type our password to log into an account, we become susceptible to hackers and thieves on the internet because everything that we just typed is being passed over the internet in Plain text that anyone can see and read because our key strokes are not encrypted.

Well…there’s an App for that! – For years now I have been using KeyScrambler FREE as part of my online arsenal to assist me and my customers in keeping some of the Internets little nasties at bay and away from our PC’s. KeyScrambler Personal is a Free Browser add on that works in IE as well as FireFox, Opera and Safari for Windows which will encrypt all of your keyboard strokes automatically. Download it here


2. Achieve Anonymous Web Surfing with Proxy Web Servers and VPN Networks

In order to surf the internet with Anonymity you will need to use a Proxy Chain that will mask your TRUE IP Address and replace it with one of the Servers IP Addresses within that Proxy Chain. To fully understand what a Proxy Web Host or Proxy Web Chain is it would need have a dedicated post done just to explain the specifics and the full dynamics involved on Web Proxies, their use and implementations.

So for now, lets just say that all you need to know is that, when you use a Proxy Web Browser it cloaks and hides your true identity because Your specific External IP Address that uniquely identifies you is not being used when you surf the internet and visit websites or perform searches in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine for that matter.

Hime My Ass online anomous web browserHide My Ass: is a FREE Service and is one of the more well know and most respected VPN / Anonymous Web Browsers across the globe when it comes to online Anonymity.

Although Hide My Ass is FREE they do also have a premium subscription option that provides a VPN Network utilizing their faster Proxy Servers and the subscription also comes with a variety of other powerful anonymity tools at your disposal that’s worth looking into. You can find out more about Hide My Ass Web Anonymizer by clicking on this link Hide My Ass: FREE Proxy Web Browser

surf annonymously with TOR TorBrowser: – The TOR browser is my all around favorite Web Browser for surfing the NET Anonymously! – Not only is Tor Completely FREE but its also 100% OPEN SOURCE Software. In my experience it’s also faster and more reliable than Hide My Ass is in many instances as well.

You can download and find out more about the Open Source Tor Project by visiting their website here

For the more tech savvy users out there, we ask that you please donate to the Tor Project or Get Involved!

Here at PC Medics On Call we value our right to privacy and respect the privacy of others! – We also believe that what you do when you’re in the privacy of your own home is your business and that it should stay that way!

On a closing note; I have been using this software for years now and all of these applications integrate seamlessly and harmoniously with the Windows Operating System and all other programs and they DO NOT create any registry conflicts with Windows or any other applications that I have seen over the past seven years of me personally using them or recommending them to my clients. They just work!

Remember……what’s going on with the Internet these days is Only a Problem because We Continue to Allow it To Happen by not standing up and doing anything about it!

If this article has helped or enlightened you any I would love to hear your comments below.

All the best..