Same Day Service

Here at PC Medics On Call we would love the opportunity to show, and to prove to you, just how incredible our on-site computer repair services really are.

It’s all about you and we want you to know it! – from our unmatched level of attention to detail in our workmanship, to our white glove treatment and stellar customer service and support, we keep our centric focus on you the customer and we go out of our way to pamper you from start to finish.

We Put The Customer Service into Computer Repair Service!

Your computer’s been acting up all morning and your day is already off to a bad start, do you really want to have to tear down your entire system to bring your troubled computer into a repair shop and be forced to deal with that whole situation? – Haven’t you been distracted enough already today?

Let’s do a quick comparative:

Computer Repair “The Hard Way”

Your computer breaks, your aggravated and your day is already off to a bad start, (not looking good so far) now.. you will have to do the following to get your pc and your sanity fixed and up and running again….

  • Calling around to local computer repair shops – (1hr)
  • Dismantle your computer and disconnect a gazillion wires – (15 min)
  • Drive across town drop off your PC – talk to tech/do paperwork (Sigh) (1hr)
  • Drive Back Across town (Sigh) – (20 min – 1/2hr) “dependent upon traffic”

So, that’s almost 3hrs lost just in your little venture but..that does not include the 1-2hrs you spent fooling around with the PC prior to asking for help. O’h yeah, all the other shops said it will take 3-4 days before you get your PC back. –OUCH!

Hassle and Worry Free Doorstep Delivery Computer Repair Service With a Smile the PC Medics On Call Way

You call us, we come over and we go out of our way to make your experience with getting your computer repaired as easy and as care free as possible and we have an unprecedented same day service policy. – How’s that for being Awesome?

We want to make sure that your personal experience with us is so absolutely incredible, that you just have to tell all of your friends and family about us!

Pretty big difference when you compare the two narratives isn’t it?

If you have any questions about our Computer Repair Services just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 910-200-0150



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