Laptop Power Jack and Charger Port Repair Services Wilmington NC

Choose PC Medics On Call DC jack repair in Wilmington, NC when you need the job performed correctly the first time!

At PC Medics On Call our skilled and certified professionals can expertly replace or repair, your laptops damaged  DC power jack / charger port and get you back on your feet again quickly, with minimal down time and loss of productivity.

If your laptop is having problems, we can help!

What are Common Signs of a Bad Laptop Power Jack?

The list below are the most common occurrences when your charger port has become defective and is in need of replacement.

  • The Laptop Battery is not charging or will not hold a charge
  • Frequently having to hold the plug in at an angle to get it to work
  • The laptop will randomly switch from using the power source to the battery
  • The DC Jack has become pushed in (common with Toshiba Satellite)
  • Laptop emits an odor of burning plastic or sparks have occurred

What’s Involved in The Actual Repair Process?

Quite a bit actually. The dc power jack (charger port) is attached directly to your laptops motherboard and the entire laptop needs to be completely disassembled in order to access the part so that the replacement or repair may be performed.

There are 2 different types of dc jack repair. One is significantly more difficult and much more time consuming to repair than the other.

Soldered DC Jack Repair:

For the majority of laptop or netbook computers, the DC Jack will usually be directly soldered to the motherboard.

  1. Laptop needs to be completely disassembled to perform repair
  2. Very time consuming and labor intensive
  3. Requires the Most Skill in order to be performed correctly
  4. If not performed correctly, damage can be done to the motherboard!
  5. The more expensive repair due to additional time on labor
Wire Harness DC Jack Repair:

Despite the fact that this is the easier of the 2 repairs to be performed, this is still not a do-it your self project.

  1. Laptop needs to be completely disassembled for the repair
  2. Takes a third of the time less than Soldered work
  3. Great Care and skill still needs to exercised or damage will occur
  4. The less expensive repair between the two

If you have any questions about our DC Jack Repair Service just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 910-200-0150