Laptop Motherboard Repair and Replacement in Wilmington NC

If you power up your laptop and don’t get anything but a black screen but the hard drive indicator light is still flashing, your laptops motherboard may be defective.

In many instances in the past we have worked on tons of laptops where the customer thought the motherboard was dead and needed to be replaced, but the actual cause turned out to be Windows O.S corruption issues.

If I Need Laptop Motherboard Repair Should I just Buy a New Computer?

In most instances, it would be cost prohibitive to replace the motherboard in your laptop. This is especially true if it only cost you $300.00 – $400.00 when new.

Keep in mind though, just because your laptop is inexpensive to replace, that does not mean that your valuable data will just magically show up and appear on your new laptop when you decide to go out and buy a new one.

The Other Side Of the Coin:

However, if you have an expensive high dollar laptop that you invested a lot of money in or, you currently don’t have the finances at your disposal to rush out and purchase a brand new laptop, then yes, it is definitely cost effective to have your laptop motherboard repaired or get a replacement laptop motherboard.

Closing Thoughts On Laptop Motherboard Replacement from PC Medics On Call

Here at PC Medics On Call we always want what’s best for “you” our customers.

Not many computer repair businesses would openly state that it would be more cost effective for you to just replace laptop vs getting the laptop motherboard repaired at xyz computer repair shop. – We don’t mislead our customers!

At PC Medics On Call we provide a fast and super friendly computer repair service that’s always carried out in the utmost professional manner.

Final Thought Before You Go:

Before you make a snap judgment call of ditching your laptop, you should always have a qualified technician perform diagnostics on it to confirm that it’s actually the laptop motherboard that is the cause of the issue…

If you have any questions about our Laptop Motherboard Repair just give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. 910-200-0150