Data Recovery FAQs that You Absolutely Must Know About!


Most people when confronted with situations where they have lost their data tend to make some very poor choices early on, that could easily decrease their chances of successfully recovering their valuable data or getting it back at all.

Regretfully, the poor choices that  the majority of people tend to make, could have been easily avoided if they had of known what “Not to Do” in the event of  data loss or a hard drive failure scenario.

What Not to Do When Dealing With Data Loss or Hard Drive Failure?

Whenever you’re confronted with any form of data loss, there are definitely some guidelines that you must adhere to and things that you absolutely must not do if you aspire to get your data back successfully.

Don’t Do the Following:

1. Continuously Powering Down and Powering Up the PC trying to get it to work.

Answer: This is only aggravating the situation and wearing the drive down and reducing your chances of having less expensive “Local Data Recovery” performed.

2. Installing Data Recovery Software and trying to recover your missing or deleted files, folders or pictures on your own-

Answer: This is the absolute worst thing that you could possibly do!

You never under any circumstances, install any form of data recovery software on the Hard Drive where the data needs to be recovered from!

Why?  Installing recovery software on the physical drive where the data needs to be recovered from will corrupt your data making it 100% unrecoverable.

So with that said, if you have installed data recovery software on the problematic drive in question, you can forgo any chances of ever seeing your data again!

Data Recovery Costs Answered

Question: How Much will having my Data Recovered Cost?

Answer: It depends on many mitigating circumstances; such as the following..

1. How Big is Your Hard Drive? ( Determines time involved in the recovery process)
2. How Much Data is On The Hard Drive (Determines Recovery Time)
3. Is the Hard Drive Mechanically Damaged?
4. Has the Data Become Heavily Fragmented and needs to be restructured in order to make the data readable once again?
5. Have You Reformatted the Hard Drive with Windows?
6. Is the Hard Drive Malfunctioning and is continuously dropping out of the Drive Array making it difficult to get the data off of it?

These are just a few of the many circumstances and variables that are involved in performing professional data recovery. In short, there is no easy answer that will appease all customers and act as a all in one blanket answer

Question: How much does is cost to have a hard drive sent in to a “Clean Room Data Recovery Facility” like Seagate to have the data recovered?

Answer: On average, it will cost you anywhere from $900.00 – $1400.00 as the base financial starting point to have data recovery performed at companies like Seagate, Western Digital or, OnTrack Data Recovery by Kroll.

These prices increase exponentially dependent upon:

A: How much Data do You have on the Hard Drive that needs to be recovered?

Example: If you have a Terabyte worth of Data that needs to be recovered, brace yourself because it will cost you thousands.

B: How quickly do you need the data recovered off of the drive?

Example: If you are a business or you need the data in a hurry for something business related over the next 48-72hrs well… once again, you can be guaranteed that your cost will sky rocket into the Thousands of dollars range.


Question: I contacted another company and they said they will do it for $150.00 will you offer a similar competitive price?

Answer: Absolutely Not! – We are highly skilled and educated professionals with degrees, we charge adequately for our time and data recovery is a specialized field that requires in many cases absolute diligence, patience and the professional doing the job must posses the correct skillets and ability to successfully recover heavily fragmented data from a damaged drive.

Please Note that every clients job is unique and different from the next and that your overall cost will be based upon the the amount of time spent on your job during the data recovery process attributed to complexities that may arise due to hardware failure, excessive file fragmentation and the amount of data that needs to be recovered from your failing data medium.

What We Do:

We mitigate your down time and loss of revenue by providing a cost and time effective alternative to having data recovery performed at a costly Forensic Data Recovery Facility and in just about all instances, we save our clients hundreds of dollars in additional expense that they otherwise would have had to pay out by sending the drive into a Forensic Recovery Facility and we usually have our clients data successfully recovered within acouple of days compared to the typical turn around time of 3 – 4 weeks  that it would normally take to get your valuable data back from sending it out of town to a clean room facility.

Data Recovery is not a forgiving topic! You must choose wisely when hiring someone to undertake the task at hand, this is definitely one of those instances where going with the cheapest price is not the smartest solution.

If you have any questions about our Data Recovery Services just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 910-200-0150