Why the Windows Operating System Fails and Why You are to Blame?

overwhelmed-computer-userOver time, Windows can often become a tangled mess. In “marketing” theory, Windows is supposed to be simple.

Fire up Windows, connect to the outside world, and now just kick back, relax and start enjoying all of the amenities that the digital age has to offer, right? Wrong.

It would certainly be nice if the above scenario was true all of the time but, in the real world, it’s not quite that simple.

The real truth of the matter is that, just like your car, your PC requires routine regular maintenance in order to run properly.

Are You Setting Yourself and Windows Up for Failure by Making These Mistakes?

Has Windows been trying to tell you something? Occasional Blue screen errors, start-up problems, system lock ups and programs that constantly freeze, are all indications that there’s an underlying issue in Windows that needs to be addressed before more extensive and costly damage is done to your operating system.

By neglecting your computer and choosing to ignore any of the above scenarios that I just mentioned, you are actually setting yourself up for failure and headed towards a very costly repair bill somewhere down the road!

Did you know that, just about 80% of all people that come to us with serious computer problems that end up with a $200.00 + repair bill could have easily avoided this outcome by doing some preventive maintenance along the way?

Performing Routine Maintenance On Your Computer Saves You… Time, Money and Helps You to Avoid a Lot of Unnecessary Aggravation!

Ultimately, when it comes to your PC, you have one of two choices that you can make in regards to having routine regular maintenance performed on your system:

A: You can be proactive and educate yourself on your computer and perform the work yourself.

Or, if that’s not your cup of tea then you can..

B: Have a qualified technician perform Hardware Diagnostics and do a Tune Up and Optimization on your system at least once a year for you or, as needed.

In any event, by going in either direction with this (either A: or B:) instead of ignoring your problems, you will effectively save yourself a lot of heartache and financial upset by being proactively involved with your computer instead of choosing to turn a blind eye to what’s going wrong with your PC.

I’m pretty sure that just like me, you would rather have a planned $70.00 outlay instead of having to deal with an unplanned $200-$300 financial burden on your hands?

Sadly enough, most people will dismiss all of this just as quickly as the’ve read it! – I think that I would be doing a complete disservice to all of you, by not pointing out what you really stand to lose by not heeding the advice or listening to the logic I am trying to impart to you through this blog post.

I make a very lucrative income because, people choose to remain ignorant about their computers. If my goal here was to help myself then, it would be in my best interest not to say anything.  Please keep this in mind!

So with that said, in order for you to understand and fully appreciate what you stand to gain from all of this, I first need to point out what you ultimately stand to lose first. Make sense?

What is The True Cost of Waiting too Long to Get Your Computer Repaired?

When you ignore your computer problems for 6-12 months and it get’s to the point that Windows will no longer boot up nor does it function correctly anymore, there is a pretty good chance (dependent upon the circumstances) that you may have done extensive damage to the Windows registry and you may end up having to re-install the Windows Operating System as a direct result of neglecting your system for so long.

For all intensive purposes, let’s just say you’re one of these people.

Analyzing the Damage of Your Neglect and Putting Things Into Perspective for You

Now that it’s been determined that your O.S has had it, your data will now need to retrieved from your hard drive and the Windows Operating System will now need to be reinstalled.

Notice: Due to the power outage on 2/12/2014 this article was not able to be completed!  Our power has finally been restored in Wilmington, NC on Sunday at 11:40AM and I will be getting this article finished up over the next day or two. I apologize for any delays.


About the Author Campbell McArthur is CEO and founder of PC Medics On Call, an on-site computer repair service for families and businesses in Wilmington, NC. – Campbell is an accomplished IT Professional, Web Designer and SEO who holds a degree in computer science from ITT Technical Institute.

As a person, Cam tends to be quite extroverted and a bit of a chatter box. We can only assume that this stems from his enthusiasm and passion towards people, his work and the selfless desire he has towards helping others.

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