Computer Repair in Wilmington NC Simplified by PC Medics On Call

PC Medics On Call computer repair of Wilmington, NC provides troubleshooting, diagnosis and same day repair service for all major brand desktops.

Our highly trained and certified staff at PC Medics On Call can bring quick resolve to any computer problems you may be experiencing and provide you with a prompt and professional solution that actually lasts, regardless of the situation.

Quick and Reliable Computer Repair Services in Wilmington NC

At PC Medics On Call, we know that every situation is a little bit different from the next and no two computer problems are the same but, with more than 30 years of experience working with computers, we have the expertise and direct hands on experience to properly troubleshoot, diagnose and fix your PC’s problems.

Whether you have a desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet… regardless of the make or model, we can provide you with the expertise necessary for a quick resolution.

You Say that You Provide Same Day Service Computer Repair is That True?

Our same day service guarantee is one of our key selling points and is one of your many advantages as a consumer when using PC Medics On Call.

Our Same Day Service Advantage:

  1. Same Day Onsite Computer Repair
  2. No Unnecessary Down Time Without Your PC
  3. No Waiting for 3-4 days Before Getting Your PC back
  4. Our Service Guarantee’s You (Minimal) Loss of Productivity
  5. Our Service Guarantee’s You (Minimal) Loss of Revenue

Prompt and Professional Computer Repair At Home or In Your Office

Most people just don’t have the extra time to spend having to bring their PC into a computer repair shop.

Why make customers go through the timely process of unplugging all the wires, packing the PC up in the car, dropping it off for several days, going back to pick up their PC and then having to set it all back up again.

PC Medics On Call makes Computer Repair easy by coming directly to your home or office to handle all of your computer repair and troubleshooting needs.

What Type of Onsite Services Do You Provide for Residential Customers and Businesses?

Since 2008, PC Medics On Call has been providing one of the most diversified and extensive range of professional onsite computer repair and technology services for both families and small business owners alike in the Wilmington, NC area.

Just a Few of Our Many Services:

  1. Computer Troubleshooting and Repair ( All Makes & Models )
  2. Windows Operating System Troubleshooting and Repair
  3. Professional Virus Removal Services
  4. Home and Business Network ( Setup & Troubleshooting)
  5. Printer and Fax Machine Setup and Installation
  6. New Computer Setup and Configuration
  7. System Tune Up and Optimization Services

Why stand in line and have to wait to get your computer repaired when you can contact PC Medics On Call and get it fixed now? Give us a call, we can help!

If you have any questions about our Computer Repair Services just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 910-200-0150