As a way of Celebrating the 4th Of July and Our Independence, we will be extending our sincere gratitude, and appreciation to all of the brave men and women who have proudly served our country in order to ensure that [...]

Over time, Windows can often become a tangled mess. In “marketing” theory, Windows is supposed to be simple. Fire up Windows, connect to the outside world, and now just kick back, relax and start enjoying all of the amenities that [...]

For those of you that have tried visiting the PC Medics On Call website today, you have probably noticed that the site has been up and down all day long. Regretfully, after 4 years of  being happily hosted on HostGator [...]

I have Anti-Virus Software installed so I’m protected from Virus Infections right? – Wrong…guess again! Unfortunately, most end-users are under the misconception that, just because they have an Anti-Virus program installed on their computer, that their PC is now magically [...]

My PC takes forever to start up! – Is there anything I can do to make Windows boot faster? If you’ve had your computer or laptop for a while now you have probably noticed that it’s not quite as fast [...]

In the ever changing landscape we call the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to keep our personal lives and the way we interact with others online private and away from the ever constant and preying eyes of companies like [...]