We Proudly Support Open Source and a Free and Diverse Internet!

Bart n Tux support open sourceHere at PC Medics On Call we proudly support Open Source and the Innate right for all individuals to have a FREE and OPEN Web that is not locked down, dominated and controlled by large Fat Cat Corporations and wrong doings of various unscrupulous Government entities.

Copyright…Copy Who?

At PC Medics On Call what is our statement in regards to copyright protection and all of that other nonsense that goes along with it?- Basically, we don’t endorse all of that B.S that was dreamed up and concocted by a bunch of greedy lawyers sitting around a business table inventing ways to fleece the common man out of his or her entire life savings for being inspired by another persons works. – We think this is wrong on so many levels it’s not funny!

What happened to Free Artistic Expression? Better yet.. What happened to America?

The PC Medics On Call Declaration of Independence From Copyright Protection

As you may already know, in our footer attribution we have our Copyleft © 2016 message displayed and most of you are probably wondering just what that means exactly? – Please continue reading for the entire ins and outs of what we generously give back to the community in the true spirit of Open Source…

Copyleft Protection:

PC Medics On Call reserves the Absolute right to share with the online community as we see fit! – We are going to cover the guidelines of what you can take away from our site with our permission and full blessing and we will be covering the things that YOU absolutely cannot take from this website to use as you see fit.

Like this Website Design? You May Use Our Code if it Has Artistically Inspired You!

PC Medics On Call proudly supports a FREE and diverse internetIf you are an aspiring Website designer and you have been inspired by my work, with my permission, you may examine my code and use as much of it or, absolutely all of it as you see fit.Rules Do Apply!

Code Use: – What We Allow?

PC Medics On Call grants full permission and allows individuals to copy our CSS or HTML Code to be used for web development. – The use of our code is freely available by using Firebug to inspect the various HTML and CSS elements of our website and by copying it to Note Pad or your favorite Text Editor.

1. This Website is Built on FREE OPEN WEB STANDARDS! We Allow You to Use Our Code On 1 Condition, that You Please don’t duplicate The PC Medics On Call Website. – We Think That’s Fair.

2. We Ask that If You are Going to use Our Code and Make the Magic Happen, then Please.. When You Build Your Website, Make a Variation that Is Unique to You.

3. We allow You to Modify the Code and Give it Away FREELY – ( Sharing is Caring! )

Code Use: – What We “Don’t” Allow?

This is important so please listen up! Although we do believe in sharing freely with the community, PC Medics On Call absolutely prohibits the use of our code and website design to be used in Tandem with any Business Name or Business Service that is similar to, or resembles our own.

So in other words, if you take our code and use it in a manner with a business name that has anything to do with or sounds or looks remotely similar to PC MEDICS ON CALL then we will most definitely come after you for Copyright Infringement. If you have any delusions of grandeur for starting a Business with our design and the Name PC Medics anything, You had better Re-think that decision over very carefully! – In Short, please don’t do it. Thanks…Cam

1. You May Not Take Our Code and Then Sell It! – You May FREELY Modify it and Give it Away! – ( NO EXCEPTIONS! )

Our Limited Copyright Protection:

We are pretty liberal about the use of our code but.. we absolutely DO NOT allow anyone to steal or use our written content without the expressed consent from me Campbell McArthur the Owner / Lead Developer of PC Medics On Call.

You May Not Use Any of the Following Content From PC Medics On Call

PC Medics On Call reserves the right to exclusive ownership of the following formats….

  1. You May Not Use any Written Content from our Services Pages or Blog Articles and Declare it as Your Own
  2. You May Not Use any of Our Images that are Specific to the PC Medics On Call Logo or PC Medics On Call Mascot
  3. You May Not Download Our Custom Cartoon Fonts and Declare Ownership of them – (We bought them, So can You!)
  4. You May Not Take Our Code and Then Sell It! – You May FREELY Modify it and Give it Away – ( NO EXCEPTIONS! )

Good Luck and Happy Web Developing!

Once again, we ask that you please remain respectful of our wishes and use our code responsibly to help make the Internet a better place for everyone to enjoy FREELY! – Thanks….Cam

If you have any questions about our Computer Repair Services just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 910-200-0150