Repair & Parts Warranty Policy

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This page governs the policies that we have in place for the various repairs and services that we provide to our clients at PC Medics On Call on-site computer repair in Wilmington, NC.

Replacement Parts / Upgrades Warranty Policy
PC Medics On Call fully warrants the parts that we sell to our clients during the repair or upgrade of your system components for a period of 30 days from the initial invoice date.

After 30 Days: any repair or replacement of said purchased parts will be covered directly under the manufactures warranty and the defective part will need to be sent out to the manufacture for replacement.

Manufactures Warranty: are for a period of 1-5 years dependent upon what type of hardware you have purchased.

Please Note: At the time of hardware replacement or upgrade authorization, we will provide you with the option to purchase an extended parts warranty that will extend your parts warranty beyond our standard 30 Days replacement.

Laptop Screen Replacement 180 day Warranty
PC Medics On Call provides a 180 Day Warranty on Laptop LCD Screen Replacement which covers any & all hardware defects or LCD screen failure that falls under normal use.

LCD Warranty Does Not Cover: “Accidental User Damage” or any form of abuse and neglect caused by the end user. Broken, chipped, scratched or cracked screens, or damaged LCD Cable Harnesses are not covered by the warranty.

Initial Labor Quote: The initial quote that we provide to a client over the phone covers the cost of your replacement LCD Screen and the labor required to install it.

Please Note: The initial labor quote does not cover any additional labor or parts that may need to be replaced such as a defective or damaged LCD Data Cable Harness or defective LCD Inverter Board.

Manufactures Warranty: your new Replacement LCD Screen comes with a 3 year Manufactures Warranty

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair 180 Day Warranty
Our Laptop DC Jack Repairs comes with a 180 Day Limited Warranty which covers hardware component defects, and or component failure under normal operating conditions and use.

Please Note: Any form of “Accidental end-user damage” or abuse to the laptops, DC power jack such as, excessive lateral or angular pressure resulting in accidental damage is not covered under the 180 Day Warranty.

High End Custom Built Computers Warranty
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Virus Removal 90 Day Guarantee Policy
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