Payment Policy

  1. We believe in full transparency

This page governs all of Our Payment Policies and the payment methods that we accept during normal operating business hours here at PC Medics On Call On-Site Computer Repair Services in Wilmington, NC.

All payments shall be made directly to Campbell McArthur the Owner / Lead Engineer of PC Medics On Call

On-site Service Rates
We charge $160.00 per hour when we come On-Site to your residence or business location and, please be advised that, there is a 1hr minimum charge associated with our service call.

Please Note: Beyond the initial 1st hour, all onsite time is billed in 1/2hr increments.

Personal Note from the Owner: Why 1/2hr billing Increments? – I do this because, I want to be fair to my customers and also, its just the right thing to do. Many companies will charge you for 2hrs despite the fact that they were only onsite for 1hr 25min. As a consumer myself, when people try to pull that crap on me, it really pisses me off to no end! So in short, I don’t do this to others and, I absolutely refuse to participate in unethical practices such as that!

After Hours, Weekend, & Holidays Payment info
For after hours, weekends & Holiday service calls we charge $140.00 per hour and I only accept cash Weekends, Holidays, and Evenings after normal business hours.
Time of Payment Due?
Payment in full is required at the time of services rendered.

In the event that your system needs to be taken back to the shop, a deposit will be required  at which time a Signed and Dated Invoice will be provided to you stating the Amount of Deposit and that I have taken your system back to the shop in order to perform the necessary repairs.

Payment Methods
The payment methods that we currently accept are either Cash, Personal Checks or Business Checks.

If you are paying by personal check or business check, your check must be drawn on a local bank in order for me to accept it as a suitable form of payment.

Please Note: For new residents that have recently moved here or, out of state residents that are visiting, we will gladly honor your out of state personal check or business check, proving that it is drawn on a Major Bank such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, PNC Bank, First Citizens, etc.

Payment Methods We Do Not Accept?
We do not accept any of the following forms of payments:

  • Out of State Checks: – that are drawn to an obscure bank that does not have branches in Wilmington, NC.
  • Money Orders: – are from a 3rd party entity and leave me little to no recourse, should complications arise.
  • Cashiers Checks: – require 10 days or up to 3 weeks to clear, therefore, I will not accept them.
  • Pay Pal: – I absolutely refuse to do business with Pay Pal on any level because they are a shameful institution!
  • Monthly Invoicing: –  is not something that we offer. Thank you for understanding…
  • Credit Cards: – I do not believe in helping to facilitate a path for people to over extend themselves and place themselves and their family in debt!
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Business Hours:
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  • After Hours: {Call for Emergency Service!}