Data Recovery Policy

Your Data and Privacy is our top priority!
“When it comes to our Clients Data and Privacy, We Mean Business!”

At PC Medics On Call, we have a number of specific policies that govern our Professional Data Recovery Services. When you hire us to be the company that is responsible for recovering your valuable data, there are a number of things that we like to make our clients crystal clear on while doing business with us.

Initial Client Consultation {Please Read!}
Anytime I consult with a client prior to performing professional data recovery for them, or their business, there are a number of very specific questions that I ask each individual client in regards to the circumstances surrounding their failing Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive or Camera Flash Card Card.

Once an open dialog is established and the client has answered my questions, I then proceed to have an in-depth conversation with the client explaining the many variables that may come into play while attempting to retrieve the clients data from the defective or failing data medium.

At this time I also make the client aware of the fact that in the event that there is hardware damage or failure, the drive or device will need to be sent to a 100% Clean Room Facility such as (Seagate) in the event that I am unable to extract the data which has nothing to do with my charges.

Data Recovery Fees & Deposits
Whenever I take on a Data Recovery job for a client, a non-refundable deposit of $150.00 – $200.00  will be required up front prior to me starting your job.

Why is the Deposit Non-Refundable? – Data Recovery is very specialized work and it’s also time consuming work not to mention the fact that, whenever I perform data recovery on a drive for a client, it ties up my entire server and its resources the entire time the data recovery attempt is being performed and that means that I cannot use the server for another clients job while the sensitive data recovery process is going on.

In short, time is money and, just like you, I expect to be paid whenever I perform work for someone.

Client Privacy & Data Confidentiality
At PC Medics On Call,  we respect our clients’ right to absolute privacy and we ensure that all clients’ data is handled with the utmost security and we guarantee our clients’ complete confidentiality when handling their sensitive data.

Over the past 9 years, PC Medics On Call has built a strong reputation in Wilmington and the Surrounding Townships for our commitment to security, client confidentiality and full transparency. You can read our entire client confidentiality guarantee by clicking here  Client Data Confidentiality Guarantee 

Previously Installed Data Recovery Software
In the event I discover that the client has previously installed data recovery software on the failing drive in attempts to retrieve the data themselves prior to contacting me, and have failed to disclose this to me, the client will forgo their deposit and be liable for covering any costs associated with my time and labor spent on their job!

Please Note:  Any clients that have come to us seeking our professional data recovery services after a failed attempt of trying to recover their lost data (independently) by means of installing and running data recovery software prior to hiring my services, hereby acknowledge that they are solely responsible for any possible data loss, files damage, or additional labor and costs that they may incur due to their own negligence and failure to hire my services prior to attempting the recovery process and greatly compounding the problems associated with recovering their lost data.



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