Abandonment Policy

We Have a Very Strict Abandonment Policy!
“We ask that you please take the time to read this over very carefully!”

Whenever you hire us at PC Medics On Call to perform a job for you, “we do” require that a deposit be paid in advance prior to starting your job, and also that, the remainder of the balance is paid in full upon the day of completion.

We provide a same day personalized concierge computer repair service and our payment policy is clear that payments are to be made at the time of services rendered.

However, we too, understand just how challenging life can be and, we certainly do understand that, situations can arise where monies need to be re-allocated towards putting out other emergencies that can happen when least expected.

The Terms of Our Abandonment Policy
“We have a No Nonsense Policy when it comes to being paid!”

As the owner of PC Medics On Call, I deliberately go out of my way to be, fair, honest, and communicate very thoroughly with all of my clients. With that said, I ask that you please, look over the contents of this policy in its entirety.  Thank you…

How Long Do I have to Pick up My Computer?
You have 15 Days from the initial time that I contact you and inform you that your job is completed.

In the event that you are unable to pay the balance due and pickup your computer once the job is completed, we do provide our customers with a 15 Day grace period in order to pay the remainder of their balance and collect their computer before we consider it Abandoned.

Why is Your Abandonment Policy So Strict?
I have a very strict Abandonment Policy for very specific reasons that are outlined below.

Due to the fact that I provide a very personalized same day concierge computer repair service to my clients, in order to give each of my clients the focus, attention and time that they, and their job deserves, I am forced to take a very limited amount of clients daily, this way, I can ensure that every single clients job is done to the highest possible standard and that they incur very minimal down time and loss of revenue.

Specifically, what that means is that, when I am hired by a client, I am working strictly for that client and I am unable to take on other clients simultaneously when already engaged

What if I Can't pay you By the Deadline?
After our 15 Day Abandonment Policy is up, on the 16th Day, if you have not paid off your debt, at that time, I will then deem your computer to be Abandoned at which time, it then becomes the legal property of PC Medics On Call.

Once this situation transpires, we will then take your computer and do a secure overwrite on your hard drive which will then make “your data” irretrievable by anyone! After I have performed the secure overwrite, I will then reformat your systems hard drive and install a fresh copy of the Windows Operating System on it so that we can sell it and recuperate any of the losses in both TIME and MONEY that we have incurred!

What Payments Will You Accept?
In this particular instance, I will only accept Cash as valid form of payment.


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