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PC Medics On Call
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 26 reviews
 by Albert Burley
Expert service
City / State: Wilmington NC

Great knowledge of computers. Discovered numerous viruses on our computer.

 by Jeannie
City / State: Burgaw, NC

We called PC Medics On Call for help with our PC because someone had stolen our IP address and was doing God knows what with it. It wrecked our ability to advertise our business, which hit our finances hard. He took us through step by step (in terms we could understand) and with the rationale behind it. We battled this thing for probably a year. No one helped us. But, finally he had the remedy. He took at least 45 minutes on the phone with us to guide us to the fix. All I can say is thank you . I highly recommend this service and Campbell McArthur the owner of PC Medics On Call is a knowledgeable professional who can speak in terms anyone can understand. Thank you !

 by Phillip Roberts
Great Service!
City / State: Rocky Point, NC

Great price and very informative business transaction. Cam definitely knows his stuff. I will keep in touch. I trust this guy.

Thank you for your kind words Philip and it was my pleasure to help you and your family as I truly do understand the financial hardships associated with going back to school. Thank you for the opportunity of working for you and your family and I look forward to speaking and dealing with you in the future.Sincerely,Campbell McArthur

 by Chris Bergmann
Cam is the Only Person I trust Explicitly with my tech problems!
City / State: Muskego, WI

I called Campbell with an unresponsive laptop and on three occasions he has repaired it for me. Cam is the only person i care to trust with my equipment. He still believes in the old school ways of quality and honesty that you just do not find on every corner anymore.

In the timely manor that he promised , he had my pc up and running like new if not better! Cam has performed virus removal and saved me much money and time, restoring my laptop back to new. He has also installed virus protection and anti malware so i do not have to worry about viruses coming back. Of course they have not.

Cam has also cleaned out my pc and in turn made it run ten times faster. Last of all Campbell has given me much technical support and even remote support when i needed it. I have been very happy with his work and will continue to take my computer work to him and nobody else. Cam performs his work in a quality oriented and very polite and trustworthy way. He is also very reasonable with cost. You cant' beat the cost and service!

Sincerely, Chris J.Bergmann

 by John Pinkerton
Cam Saved My Companies 30,000+ Emails from Outlook Database Corruption!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

I utilized Campbell’s services at PC Medics On Call as I was having issues with database corruption in Outlook. When I approached my previous computer tech (key word being previous) and presented him with the conundrum, he simply said “That’s Weird?”

Well, his assessment, though accurate, didn’t solve my problems and, as a professional that communicates primarily through email finding executives for placement with Legal Firms, it is essential to my business that I have a fully functional Outlook database.

I found Campbell’s company online and after reading his many glowing client reviews on Google, I then called him to discuss the issue. After speaking with Cam and explaining my situation in full detail, He immediately scheduled an appointment and was at my office within an hour to assess the problems I was experiencing and rectified them in short order. He is very thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, and fully communicative throughout the entire repair process. I would highly recommend Cam and his services.

– John Pinkerton, President, Ascent Executive Search

You are very welcome John and.. thank you so very much for taking the time to write a review and for sharing your direct hands on experience with me. -Cam

 by Thila Bell
Hackers gained control of my computer and Cam Immediately came to my Rescue!
City / State: Wilmington NC

My daughter called PC Medics On Call and Campbell McArthur called to tell me he would be at my house in about one hour and came to my house right on time one hour after my daughter called. He had to spend several hours working on my computer which was compromised by someone who obtained remote control of my computer. Campbell had to contact Time Warner to get me a new internet ID, TW did not want to do it over the phone so he traveled to the Time Warner store, picked up a new modem for me and fixed my computer. He also had some good suggestions about Malware and Anti-virus programs. He was courteous and pleasant and I would recommend him to anyone in need of computer repair. -Thila Bell

It was my pleasure to assist you Thila and I am truly sorry that you had to experience what those men did to you. It saddens me to see what has happened to our society and how there has been such a dramatic moral decline in people as a whole. 🙁 Despite the fact that you have had the misfortune of this happening to you, I can guarantee that they will not be back and that I have ensured that this will never happen to you again. Thila, be well and thank you so much for your business, your kind words and the wonderful hospitality that you had displayed towards me. I truly do look forward to serving you in the near future! -Cam : )

 by Janet Dilion
After Our 2 Week Vacation to Italy, we retured to find our PC completely locked up
City / State: Wilmington, NC

Thanks Campbell for returning our computer to life. When we returned from 2 weeks’ vacation we found it had locked up and could not even be turned off. Your prompt response back to us and the timely service call that evening, gave us a secure feeling that everything was fixable, and it was. We now can get in to Email quickly and clean out those in-boxes, send photos and get back to work.

-Janet Dilion

Thank you for the review Janet and I especially appreciate the wonderful Stuffed Shells Dinner that you had made and invited me to stay for. The dinner and the wonderful conversation that You, Gary and I had made for a truly incredible evening that was most enjoyable and I cannot convey to you enough how much I appreciate being made feel as welcomed as i was. Janet and Gary, thank you so much for your hospitality and making me feel as welcomed as you did! -Cam : )

 by Taylor Rogers
Great service
City / State: Wilmington, NC

Lighting struck near my home and my computer stopped working. Called PC Medics On Call and spoke with Campbell. He was at my home 30 mins later. Very fast. Very personable. Fixed my computer in 45 mins. Lightning fried my video card. I will use him again and recommend him to others. Great Job!!!

Thank you Taylor and I truly appreciate your kind and thoughtful words and, I am looking forward to the opportunity to help you again when the occasion arises. Thank you Taylor! -Cam

 by Judy DeClue
Saved by PC Medics!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

My computer got hacked after hours and frozen; I called PC Medics because Cam was recommended to me. And am I glad I did. Cam came to my house at 9:30 p.m. to check my computer after the hacker had locked it on me. He said that the computer would need to be checked for viruses and malware infection and that he would need to take it back to his shop to perform the scans and that he would have it returned the next day once the computer able to be used. It was a relief to have the professionalism, efficiency and consideration that Cam had displayed when working for me during this very awful experience. Campbell even was considerate enough to have called the next day after dropping the computer off, to make sure the laptop was running effectively and efficiently and I could not happier with his service!

Thank you very much for the kind words Judy and I am very glad that I was able to come to your rescue when you got hacked that night. I just wish for your sake that our meeting and me doing work for you would have been under more desirable circumstances other than the terrible ordeal that you had to endure. It was my pleasure to help you Judy! -Cam

 by Valeri Dawes
OMG it is Sunday and I have the BSOD!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

Sunday afternoon and computer has the "Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)" - started my search for a tech to assist and got either an automated message or "not open on Sunday" message...well until I called PC Medics. Cam immediately contacted me and arrived at my home a short time later. He ran diagnostics on my computer and immediately diagnosed the cause of the "BSOD". My computer was hauled off for repair and returned less than 24 hours later. Thanks Cam! My computer is running perfectly - feel like I have a new computer.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on my behalf Valerie and, I am glad that I was able to help you out and get you up and running again. I look forward to doing business with you again.... Cam 🙂

 by David Forrest
He knows his CMOS!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

After hours, of me struggling with two completely non-responsive systems, I contacted PC Medics On Call and Campbell had my 2 dead computers fixed and fully functional in 1 hour. $80 He knows his CMOS! I'm a happy customer ...

Hey David, It's good to hear back from you! Thank you for taking the time to write a review on my behalf and I am very glad that I was able to help you get sorted out. -Cam

 by Darius Crawford
Excellent First Experience!
City / State: Castle Hayne, NC

This was my first experience using PC Medics On Call computer repair and I couldn’t be happier with the level of professionalism and personalized service that they provide!

After having the Geek Squad increase my laptops system memory to 4GB not 1 day later, my computer would no longer start up.

I had initially called the Geek Squad up and told them what was going on with the laptop since they upgraded the RAM and they told me that I would need to drop my laptop off with them and in order to correct the problem that I would have to pay $95.00 to get it fixed and it will take 3 days to get it back.

Needless to say, I was not happy about hearing that and I started calling around to other shops so that I could get my laptop fixed.

When I did a search on Google I came across PC Medics On Call and they advertised that they provided same day service computer repair so I decided to call them to see if they could get me fixed up.

Upon calling, I spoke directly with the owner of the business and explained to him what happened and asked when he could come over if I made an appointment? He explained that he was on his way to a service call but was only picking a computer up and that he could fit me in between that and his next appointment and would call me as soon as he was on the road.

Not 40 minutes later, the owner of the business was at my door and within 10 minutes time, from sitting down to fix my laptop, he had accurately diagnosed and fixed my problems! - Apparently, the GEEK SQUAD installed incompatible RAM in my system.

As a person, I found Campbell McArthur the owner of PC Medics On Call to be honest, very personable and exceptionally polite to deal with. As a professional, I found Campbell to be highly skilled and very well educated on computers and technology in general. I was equally impressed with his abilities to rapidly diagnose and fix my problems within 10 minutes of arriving at my house!

Thank you Campbell!

You are very much welcome Darius and it was my pleasure to get you sorted out! Although I do appreciate the business, my only regret is that you had to pay to have something done for you that the geek squad really should have done at no cost seeing how it was their mistake to begin with. Once again, thank you and I look forward to serving you in the future Darius.

 by Stephen Greiner
Excellent customer service! One of the friendliest and easiest to understand service calls I have Ever made.
City / State: Surf City, NC

Speaking with Campbell at PC Medics On Call had to have been one of the friendliest and easiest to understand service calls that I have ever made. When I spoke to Campbell, I explained to him that my computer was having issues with a continuous rebooting loop and that windows would not load. I also told him that prior to calling, I had tried several times to resolve this situation on my own by re-installing Windows 7 but my for some reason my Windows disk wasn’t working and I couldn’t get windows to install.

After explaining where I lived, Campbell informed me that he does not provide service for Surf City because it was too far to travel. Desperate, I begged him to come out because I needed my computer fixed but his answer was still no because it was too far to travel and it was already 7:00 at night.

To my surprise, the guy took mercy on me because I was a student and offered to assist me over the phone and as he put it, (it was his good deed for the day).

Campbell patiently walked me through the entire process over the phone and with his assistance, within 20 minutes, Campbell was able to determine that my hard drive had gone defective and would need to be replaced before it was possible for windows to be installed.

I was completely blown away over the fact that this man was nice enough to help me when he doesn’t even know me! The Following day, I went to BestBuy, bought a hard drive and using the guidance and instructions that Campbell provided me with the night before I was able to get Windows installed and have a functional computer.
Dude you ROCK…. Thank You!

Thank you for the review Stephen and it was my pleasure to help you out.

 by Mark Vincent
Excellent Customer Service and Support!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

I've used PC Medics On Call 5 + times and have been completely satisfied each time. Their service is quick and very fair priced. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to call Cam again if I need any repair work done on my computer!

Thanks Mark! It's always a pleasure when we have the opportunity to get together. Too bad it always seems to be work related though!

 by Jane Burchell
Thank You So Much for The Excellent Service Cam!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

Cam responded quickly to my urgent call regarding a major virus attack and destruction of my operating system. You could sense right away that he's very technically savvy and knows his stuff. I trusted him implicitly to restore my PC to working condition with no loss of files, which he did superbly! Cam also installed anti-virus and malware protection software which he uses himself ... and that made me trust his recommendation even more. Lastly, Cam is exceptionally polite and has very strong ethics. He's worth every penny of his reasonable rates!

It was my pleasure Jane and thank you for the lovely muffins and coffee!

 by Aaron Koehn
Super Fast and Friendly Service and a Really Great Guy!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

I initially called about a virus problem and Cam gave me over the phone help which was great! But unfortunately couldn't solve the problem so Cam then had to come over, which he came right over didn't have to wait at all! He had the problem fixed in an hour and gave me a whole bunch of very useful info. Overall great dude, great service! Well worth the money!

Thanks Aaron, it was my pleasure to help you get your PC sorted out. I really appreciate the kind words!

 by Lynette Dieter
PC Medics On Call is Awesome and Cam Is a Life Saver!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

Cam is an absolute delight to work with and has helped me tremendously in the past. When we discovered that several of our computers had dropped out of the network and were unable to communicate with our file server, we called PC Medics and they quickly diagnosed the problem on the network and was able to bring the 3 Workstations back online within an hour. Thank you Cam.

Thanks Lynette! I truly appreciate all of your kind words and it was my pleasure.

 by Misty Uher
Excellent Service! Much More Effective than Geek Squad!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

My charger port was broken, so I took it into Best Buy and was told it would take two weeks. Since I am a student, I can’t wait two weeks and called PC Medics On Call . My laptop was returned to me the next day properly functioning, and not to mention, in better condition than I gave it to him. Prices was reasonable and the customer service is excellent. I will recommend him to everyone I know in the Wilmington area. His services are far better than Geek Squad’s and much more effective!! 5 stars for customer satisfaction!!!!

Hah! Always like to hear when customers tell me that! Thanks for the review Misty and, as you can see, there is a huge difference when you are dealing with someone that actually cares about you and your problems

 by Herbert Jennings
Very Satisfied with The Service!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

The assistance that I received from Cam far exceeded my expectations. He is technically excellent and it is a pleasure to deal with him.

Thank you Herbert and it was indeed my pleasure!

 by Laurence Ewing
Very Nice Gentleman and Excellent Service!
City / State: Leland, NC

When I needed help installing a new laptop computer on my home network, PC Medics On Call came out the same day and handled the task so that I was up and running. I especially appreciated their senior citizen discount, which made the assistance very affordable.

You are indeed very welcome Lawrence!

 by Jay Graham
What a Life Saver PC Medics On Call Is!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

My laptop crashed and when I called Cam, he was at my house to fix it within 1.5 hours! Unfortunately, my computer died in surgery...but not before Cam was able to rescue all of my information and transfer to my other computer. Campbell was a life saver and was great to work with (also learned that he is an extremely skilled wood worker which explains his calm and patience in pursing whatever might be wrong with your computer equipment). Thank you Cam for a job well done and in a very timely manner.

Yes, we definitely got lucky with that one Jay! I am glad that I was able to get over to you in the nick of time to get your data transferred. Thank you so much for the kind words!

 by Harold Hicks
Very Thorough and Professional Service.
City / State: Wilmington, NC

Service was prompt, thorough and professional. Conversation was meaningful and helpful; Computer has worked better since serviced. I am well pleased.

Thank you Harold and I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with me.

 by Joan Fracalossi
I'm Very Impressed with The Speed and Quality of The Service
City / State: Leland, NC

Hi Cam - Great job on restoring my RAM Crash and upgrading our laptop to Windows 7.Thanks again for the great job!

Thank you Joan! I appreciate the business and I am glad that I was able to get you all sorted out.

 by Jeffrey Newell
Very Professional and Polite Man
City / State: Wilmington, NC

I had a wonderful learning experience with Cam setting up my new system. Teaching me along the way and learning new shortcuts that will be most helpful. I would gladly recommend PC Medics to my friends and coworkers anytime.

Thank you so much Jeffrey and it was my pleasure I assure you of that!

 by Charles Reilly
I am Very Pleased with The Service that I Received from PC Medics On Call
City / State: Wilmington, NC

I am very pleased with the service & repair, Cam returned my call immediately & came over the same day & removed the 46 viruses, Trojans & Malware my computer had on it and got me up and running again. Also Senior Citizen Discount, I would gladly recommend him to all my friends!

Not a problem Charles and it was my pleasure to help you out.

 by Sheila Horrowits
My Experience was Nothing Short of Amazing with Cam!
City / State: Wilmington, NC

Great service, great people! It was a pleasure to deal with Cam and finally meet someone who is a dedicated professional that takes pride in his work & actually cares about you & your problems beyond what’s in your wallet!

Thank you for the very kind words Sheila and the pleasure was mine entirely!